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01 Apr
Senior School Students

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Senior school students especially for students from class VII to XII ,it is imperative to be effective communicators,both in speaking and writing. It is but natural that college and university students are powerful in ENGLISH when it is a matter of communicating any message or information to someone else.One does not learn much after college/university days.Why do they then neglect the language when it is vastly accepted and used language not only in India but all over the world also? Are students not aware of it and its importance in later part of life? Or are they not bothered about their career and future? Is the social milieu responsible for it? In fact, all these factors are partially responsible. A PERSON IS CONSIDERED TO BE IGNORANT TILL THE TIME HE/SHE IS ABLE TO COMMUNICATE ANY MESSAGE EXPLICITELY AND CLEARLY. NO HIGH MARKS AND NO SELF VALUED CERTIFICATES WOULD BE ABLE TO PROVE HIM/HER OTHERWISE.